Using the BLK360 Data Manager

Using the BLK360 Data Manager

The BLK360 Data Manager is a free tool that you can use to manage your BLK360 directly from your laptop or desktop computer. 

You can use the BLK360 Data Manager to: 
  • View current battery level
  • View current storage space
  • View current firmware version
  • Set the BLK360's Push-Button scan settings
  • Download raw scan files directly to PC
  • Delete scans from the BLK360
Download the latest version of the Data Manager HERE.
Connecting the Data Manager to the BLK360
  1. Turn on your BLK360 and let it fully boot indicated by a solid green status ring.
  2. Connect your computer to the BLK360's WIFI. Click HERE for instructions.
  3. Open the BLK Data Manager application.
  4. Click the 'Find & Connect to Device' button. If the computer is connected to the BLK360's WIFI signal, the Data Manager will connect to the scanner. 

Finding Scanner Information and Settings

Towards the top of the Data Manager dialog, you'll find the current firmware version installed on the scanner as well as the amount of on-board storage is being used. The BLK360 has around 28 GB of free space to store scan data. For more information on how many scans the BLK360 can hold, click HERE

The scanner's current battery level is displayed by the blue battery level bar.

Push Button Capture Settings and Syncing the Scanner's Date and Time

Select 'BLK360 Capture Settings' to expose the push button scan settings. For more information about push button scanning, click HERE. Press Sync Time to set the scanner's data and time to the workstations's. Changes on the scanner will take affect when the BLK Data Manager is closed.

Downloading and Deleting Scans from the BLK360

The bottom portion of the Data Manager dialog displays a listing of all the scans currently stored on the BLK360. Each one is time and date stamped. To either download or delete one or more scans, first check off the ones you wish to act on and then select the desired command.
Downloading scan data from the BLK360 can take some time. Please be sure to start with a full battery. If a battery needs to be replaced during the process, the download can be suspended, the battery swapped and the scanner rebooted, and the transfer resumed.
Deleting scan data from the BLK360 is permanent and cannot be undone. 

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