Setting Up ReCap Pro

Setting up Recap Pro

If you do not already have an Autodesk Account

  • Each BLK360 comes with a one-year subscription to Autodesk Recap Pro. If you do not already have an Autodesk Account, you will be prompted to create one. Follow the steps below to set up your account and install Recap Pro. 
  1. When you receive your BLK360, you will receive an email from Autodesk. If you do not already have an Autodesk account, it will prompt you to create one. Click 'Create My Account Now.'
  1. Fill in your information and add a password. Click 'Create Account.'
  1. You will receive a notification that your account has succesfully been created. Click 'Done.'
  1. Log into your new account on Click 'Manage Products and Downloads.'
  1. Click on the 'Products' icon.
  1. You will see that Recap is avaliable for download. Click the Download icon. 
  1. The latest version is selected by default. Click 'Install Now.'
  1. Accept the License agreement, and click 'Install.'
  1. The download will begin. Once it finishes downloading, click on the installer. 
  1. Click 'Install.'
  1. Accept the Terms and Conditions, and click 'Next.'
  1. At this point you can choose where you would like Recap to be installed. It is recommended to leave this in the default location. Click 'Install.'
  1. Recap will now be installed to your computer. 
  1. When the install is complete, you will have the option to launch Recap Pro. 

If you already have an existing Autodesk Account

  • If you purchase a BLK360 and you already have an Autodesk Account, Recap Pro will be added to your Autodesk Account. 
  1. Log into, and click 'Manage Products and Downloads.'
  1. Click 'All Products & Services.'
  1. Recap Pro will now be avaliable for download in your product list. 

Setting up the Recap Mobile App

  1. Download Autodesk Recap Pro for Mobile app on an iPad Pro. 
  1. When you first open the app, it will prompt you for your Autodesk username and Password. Click 'Sign In.'
  1. You are now all set to start a new project and begin scanning!

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