Resolving WiFi Connectivity Issues BLK360 to Field360

Resolving WiFi Connectivity Issues Between the BLK360 and Cyclone Field360

If you are experiencing WiFi connectivity issues between the BLK360 and tablet running Cyclone Field360, in no particular order please check the following…

  • Make sure that the BLK360 has the latest firmware installed and that the latest version of Field 360 is installed on the tablet.
  • Make sure that your tablet's WiFi is not automatically switching to another preferred network.
  • Check to see that there are no other devices (Workstations, tablets, phones) trying to connect to the BLK360.
  • On the tablet, exit out of any other BLK360 related apps (i.e. Recap Mobil, Matterport Capture) running in the background.
  • Make sure that the battery level on both the tablet and BLK360 is sufficient. We recommend that the battery in the BLK360 be swapped with a fresh one when its level drops to 30% or below. We also recommend that the tablet battery level be 30% or above while scanning.
  • Ensure that the BLK360 and tablet remain within WiFi range of each other. Note that this maximum range can vary depending on the battery level of both the scanner and tablet as well as the level of local WiFi interference.
  • Reboot the tablet by shutting it down and restarting it.
  • On the tablet, make sure that localization services are enabled. In some cases the synchronization with the scanner fails because the location services are disabled. During installation of the app the respective rights are required from the user. But it is possible to completely deactivate the location services on a device. If you have synchronization problems, please make sure that your device allows to use location services in general.
  • Try deleting and then re-connecting your tablet to the BLK360's WiFi.
  • Try enabling airplane mode to disable Bluetooth and cellular data and manually enable the WiFi connection.
  • Strong electromagnetic interference as well as locations with heavy WiFi traffic can cause connectivity issues. In these situations it may necessary resort to push-button scanning using the BLK360 as a standalone device.

Push-Button Scanning:

If for whatever reason, the WiFi connection between the BLK360 and tablet cannot be maintained, you can resort to push-button scanning. After booting up the scanner, a new scan can be triggered by simply momentarily pressing the scanner's power button. Scan settings can be configured through Cyclone Field360 or the BLK360 Data Manager desktop application. Scans taken in this way can later be imported into Cyclone, Field360, Register360, and Cyclone 3DR.

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