Field360 License Verification and Renewal

Periodically user's may need to sign back into the Field360 tablet app. Here are the rules that govern when that would be the case...

  • Once the Cyclone Cloud username and password have been entered and the license verified online, the FIELD 360 app can then be opened for a limited time period of 30 days, without needing to login again, or needing to be online to verify the license again.
  • Each time FIELD 360 is opened and there is an internet connection, the license will be automatically verified for another 30 day period. This means that if FIELD 360 is always opened within 30 days of the last use, and there is an internet connection, the login details will never need to be re-entered.
  • If FIELD 360 is not used for more than 30 days, or the mobile device is offline for more than 30 days, then the login details will need to be entered again and an online license verification done in order to be able to start the FIELD 360 app. If this is not done, the app will not be able to accessed.

Here are some additional points...

  • The login credentials used to sign into Field360 are those used to create and log in to Cyclone Cloud.
  • Up to five instances of Field360 can be licensed from one Register360 (Full or BLK Edition) Entitlement ID.

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