Field360 Data Transfer Options - Advanced

BLK360 Data Transfer Options - Advanced

Cyclone Field360 to Register360

When using FIELD360 with the BLK360, the full raw scan and image data from the BLK360 is transferred to a tablet running FIELD360. In FIELD360, the data is organized into jobs, and can be enriched with pre-registration positions, links, tags and measurements. Especially the organization into jobs and the pre-registration positions are tasks that would have to be done in the office anyway, and thus save time if they are passed on from FIELD360 to REGISTER360 in the office.

The data transfer from Cyclone FIELD360 to Cyclone REGISTER360 relies on the both the tablet running FIELD360 and the PC running REGISTER360 being in the same network. This can be achieved in many ways, a few of which (but not all) are shown below. Note that an Android tablet is shown here, however all of these options work for both, Android and iOS tablets.

1. Connect the PC as well as the tablet to the same network using a Wi-Fi access point. The access point could be:

  • The company Wi-Fi that also provides internet.
  • An external router (no internet connection necessary).
  • A personal hotspot of a mobile phone (no internet connection necessary).
  • The BLK360 itself (not recommended for users because of low transfer speed and limitation by BLK360 battery).

2. Connect the PC and the tablet to the same network using an ethernet cable. Note that an adapter is needed to connect the tablet to an ethernet cable. Possible setups could be:

  • An ethernet socket that is within the company network.
  • An external router (no internet connection necessary).

3. There are 2 ways of connecting the tablet running FIELD360 directly to the PC running REGISTER360 without an access point in between:

  • Create a hotspot with the PC running REGISTER360 and connect the tablet directly to it.

  • Connect the tablet via a lightning-to-ethernet-adapter and an ethernet cable directly to the ethernet socket of the computer. Note that this option is only available with iPads since iOS automatically configures the ethernet.

When using ethernet connection on a tablet, an adapter is needed that allows for a connection between USB-C (most Android devices and latest iPad Pros) or lightning (all other iPads) to ethernet. The adapters we used for testing are the Samsung EE-P5000 Multiport Adapter, and the Belkin lightning-to-ethernet-adapter. (,


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